Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Indroduction to Faithful Jeans

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When my friend Kat first told me about her idea for Faithful Jeans, I was thrilled. From running my tumblr blog, I know how in demand redone denim is at the moment, and I couldn't wait to share the good news with everyone! Now that the brand has been around for a bit, I wanted to put together a post introducing them to you guys and give them a chance to share their mission statement.

If you follow my tumblr or instagram pages you've probably seen me wearing multiple different Faithful Jeans designs out and about- I absolutely love every single item. The attention to detail and sizing that Kat and Estefania have put into the pieces makes wearing them feel like a tailored and personalized experience.

along with my outfit photos, here are some more ways I'd style my favorite Faithful pieces! 

To get a look inside the brands beginnings & process, I spoke with Kat and Estefania (Faithful Jean's founders) about the brand... enjoy! xx Flo

Tell me the story of how you and Estefania met and how Faithful came about!

"Estefania and I met through our job in retail. We quickly became very close. It was one day in February that I had on a pair of jeans that I had cut up and Estefania asked me about them. She actually posed the idea of starting a company right then and there! I knew when I went home and couldn't stop thinking about the idea that we had to do it. We both are such passionate, creative optimists that we knew that this wasn't just a project, it was a mission to make the world better. Everything we do, we do with hope, love and most of all, faith. We spent a little over 4 months dreaming and planning, cutting and sewing until we were ready to launch Faithful Jeans and Co." -Kat
What do you two look in a pair of jeans when you're thrifting for the brand?
 "When we go thrifting, we look for the best of the best. We love Levi's and Calvin's as our favorite finds. We choose each piece because of the color, shade of denim, how much wear and especially the fit of the pants. We strive for quality always and we always take into account how they will look on the human body!" -Kat

Describe the creative process, and the challenges you come across when creating a pair of jeans.

 "The creative process for us is intense. Both of us are constantly watching the trends and what is happening in the denim market. We each have thousands of ideas, but for each pair it is a very specific design created because of the style of the pant. Each one we have put our blood, sweat and tears into and they take hours! We see the process as therapeutic, one that makes each piece very close to our hearts. The challenges we face can vary... sometimes the denim is really tough cotton, or sometimes it's too soft! Our main concern is always fit and durability! We want these to be forever perfect!" -Kat

What brands or people influence or inspire you?

  "Denim for both of us is a huge staple in our closets. We love hot brands like Grlfrnd Denim, 3X1, and Redone denim for inspiration! We also base so much of the vibe of who we are in the root of the jeans. We adore the images of denim bombshells like Jane Birkin and Cindy Crawford to give us inspiration." -Kat

How do you want someone wearing Faithful to feel?

 "We want our girls to feel confident, beautiful and unstoppable. These jeans have such an incredible story when they finally reach their new owner. We want our customer to wear them when she does something that thrills her, that challenges her, and most of all, we want her to wear them when she is happy!" -Kat

If you could dress one person in the brand, who would it be?

"We have so many inspirational women on our list who we would love to dress. Among them, Olivia Palermo, Chiara Ferragni, Zendaya, Jenna Lyons... the list is endless!" -Kat

  Explain why vintage denim is so unique and special to you.
   "Vintage denim is timeless. We love that each pair has a history and has been loved before! Each pair is so unique for that reason. Beyond that, it is a sustainable, re-useable material and is better for our society in so many ways." -Kat

If you had to pick, which Faithful piece are you most proud of?

"I adore the Levi's with the pearl detailed cuff! So simple and elegant." -Kat
"I love the designs we have done with the stars!" -Estefania


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Favorite Spots in Boston // SWEETGREEN

This is my first food post of many- I intended on putting up a guide to what I eat in a day a few months back, but I realized I was too early on in my vegetarian project to give good advice. After almost 6 months of figuring things out, I feel a little more confident in giving my two cents on diet / lifestyle tips.. so it begins here!

To start off, I wanted to share some of my favorite healthy food spots in the city- Sweetgreen is my #1 by far. My friends introduced me to the salad chain about two years ago and I've loved it ever since. Now that I've cut out meat, I sub in their sesame tofu to replace the chicken in my salads- and it tastes even better to me! Tofu is super hard to cook, but SG always does it right.

My favorite salads are the Beets Don't Kale My Vibe, the Shroomami, and the Kale Caesar. Of course I can't get take out everyday, and thankfully SG has all their ingredients listed, so I've been able to recreate these as lunches at home! Admittedly they don't turn out as yummy as the real thing, but it's definitely a time / money saver.

SG has been expanding a lot recently, so if your city doesn't have one yet I wouldn't be too discouraged! Also, if you're in Boston and know some other great vegetarian friendly spots definitely shoot me a message.

xx Flo