Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Wardrobe Basics

Trends come and go- the safest investments will always be in classic basics that can be worn for years. Over time I’ve figured out what these pieces are for me, and they are the core of my wardrobe. My style is mostly casual and very simple, so finding versatile everyday pieces is a priority. I’ve narrowed it down to a handful of categories- I hope this little guide comes in handy for anyone looking to restart / add to their core wardrobe.
JACKETS // In Boston I am wearing some form of outerwear most days out of the year, so my jacket collection has grown significantly over the years. However, you really only need a couple in your closet. My top 3 jackets are a nylon bombervintage Levi’s trucker, and a classic leather moto.
COATS // When the weather gets super cold I need something long and cozy- a knee length black coat will last you through multiple winters and be in style forever.
HIGH RISE DENIM // Jeans are a no brainer in a basics post, but it takes a while to find out which cut works best with your body and style. I’ve narrowed down my three favorite pairs to the Rag&Bone legging jeans, the ASOS farleigh jeans (cut like a mom jean but more stretch than vintage pairs), and the H&M shaping jeans. The high rise cut is super flattering on all body types and lengthens your legs!
TIMELESS SHOES // Trendy shoes can be super tempting, but you really only need about 4-5 pairs of timeless shoes in your closet. A pair of loafers and a pair of heels for formal outfits, and a pair of boots and sneakers for everyday wear.
VERSASTILE BAGS // Next to shoes, bags are my favorite thing to shop for. Oftentimes they are investment pieces so I make sure they will last multiple seasons. My most worn bags are also my most timeless, the Stella McCartney Falabella backpack and the Sac de Jour by Saint Laurent.
CASUAL TOPS // Having a variety of solid color comfy tops makes styling everyday outfits super easy. I recommend Urban Outfitters for the best tees and sweatshirts!
SIMPLE ACCESSORIES // When it comes to picking accessories, try to picture each one with any type of outfit; it should transition well from day to night and from season to season. My favorite everyday simple accessories are vintage sunglasses, a Casio watch, a white baseball capdainty pendant necklace, and stud earrings.
LBD + LWD // AKA little black dress and little white dress! These can be transitioned from day to night by changing the shoes + bag combinations, and will never go out of style.
CLASSIC BUTTON UPS // These come in handy if you’re working in a formal environment, but also can be dressed down with vintage denim + sneakers! From my experience the best brand for these is GRANA.
DENIM SHORTS + A LEATHER SKIRT // These could be seen as trendy for some, but to me they are basics. They work with almost any spring / summer outfit, and can be transitioned into fall / winter with tights and over-the-knee boots. 
BODYSUITS // These have become a staple for me over the past year- they’re like a basic camisole or tee, but more flattering. My favorite way to wear them is paired with high rise jeans, ankle boots, and a jacket. Boohoo has an amazing bodysuit selection- all super affordable!
LEATHER BELTS // Or faux! Either way, my these can turn a lack-luster outfit into something special. My favorite belt I own is this Gucci belt, definitely an investment piece but I’d say it’s worth it.
LACE BRALETTES // These are definitely easier to pull off the smaller you are, but if you’re like my (IBTC for life) they’re perfect for everyday. My favorite are these from Aerie.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Summer Styling with River Island

This month I'm teaming up with River Island to style some spring / summer outfits! If you follow my Polyvore page you know I've loved their brand for years- I was so excited to collaborate with them. The weather in Boston right now is perfect- warm but not hot, just right for sundresses. These two dresses are my favorites on the site (the midi dress also comes in black!), I love how feminine and simple they are. 

Along with the dresses I also got to style these tan western boots- I switched it up and wore a more street style look, one that completely embodies my everyday style. I love mixing black and brown suede with skin tight denim- it's effortless but the textures make it look awesome. 

This week RI is having a 20% promotion for Memorial Day weekend- use the code: MEMORIAL20- I've linked my favorite items (worn in this post) below, but check out the whole site, they have such cute summer pieces! xx

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