Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring 2017 Trend Report & Favorites

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Spring is here- unfortunately Boston weather has yet to get the memo, so I'm stuck wearing my parka and boots for a few more weeks. Thankfully I can live out my ideal outfits through Polyvore (no harm in dreaming, right?).  Every season I like to narrow down the trends I've seen to only my top favorites to make sure I don't go overboard- it's easy to get carried away and let of-the-moment pieces drown out your personal style.

For this post I've put together a mix of super coveted trend pieces for this year along with some less popular ones that are just personal favorites of mine. My style is always simple and on the casual side, so almost every item can be worn in a laid-back, everyday context. I've gathered a bunch of different options in each category- hopefully there's something in here for everyone! xx Flo