Monday, May 16, 2016

Stella's World

I had been on the fence about buying these Stella McCartney platforms for months. On one hand, they're a little more daring than the rest of my shoes, and pretty trendy too. On the other, I immediately loved them when I saw them it's always great to step out of your comfort zone! I absolutely love Stella McCartney as a designer, I think her pieces are both artistic and wearable at the same time, and I truly admire her dedication to sustainability and animal rights activism. 

If more and more people demand faux leather and faux fur pieces, the industry could be transformed naturally. Every purchase you make is like a vote for the way things should be, so I vote for Stella (McCartney 2016?)! I chose the faux leather pair instead of the woven or star print ones because I want to be able to wear them in as many ways as possible. 

They're exponentially more comfortable than I imagined, it's almost like wearing a pair of sneakers! I can't wait to style them with a bunch of outfits this summer and upcoming fall. 

Abercrombie suede skirt (sold out, very similar skirt here)
Brandy Melville top (sold out, very similar top here)

 also thanks to my friend Melina for taking these photos! Check out her blog, trust me her style won't disappoint :)