Friday, May 30, 2014

Sales on Sales

best of the sales!

Thanks to the Polyvore "sale" feature, I am constantly alerted when the items I've saved go on sale. Sometimes heartbreaking (like when you're trying to save up) and sometimes awesome, I thought I'd share some of these amazing sales with you guys!

These are items that I've used so much over the last few months, and for designer brands the prices are pretty amazing. I'm sure they're all selling out super fast, so get on it! Here are some sets I've created with these lovely pieces to get you inspired :) xx Flo

Untitled #11288
1. Casual outfit with a Band of Outsiders shirt dress

Untitled #12464
2. Casual outfit with Chloé scalloped flats

Untitled #9300
3. Formal outfit with the 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli bag

Untitled #11796
4. Formal outfit with the Rag&Bone Daytona top

Untitled #12567
5. Casual outfit with the Rag&Bone Cozen boots

Untitled #12568
6. Casual outfit with the Stuart Weitzman Dandyperf oxfords

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Best of the Season: Dress Shorts

Untitled #12545

One of my favorite pieces for Spring is a pair of tailored dress shorts! During the day they stand out in a sea of denim cutoffs, and at night they can be a fun surprise instead of a dress. With shades and a floppy hat, they look amazing. Of course the famous Stella McCartney Warwick shorts have been everywhere (even on Rihanna *heart eyes*), but there are plenty of these out there without the designer label!

Here are some ways I'd wear these shorts for day and night! xx Flo

Untitled #8112 
1. Casual day outfit with shorts by Madewell

Untitled #10148 
2. Formal night outfit with shorts by Stella McCartney


Untitled #11936 2. Casual night outfit with shorts by Giada Forte 

Untitled #12538
4. Formal night outfit with shorts by Topshop

Untitled #12513

5. Formal day outfit with shorts by Chloé

Untitled #125016. Formal night outfit with shorts by Helmut Lang

Untitled #12537
7. Casual day outfit with shorts by Valentino

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Please vote! Cosmo Blog Awards

Hey Guys!
So I decided to try and get nominated for the Cosmo Blog Awards this year under the category "Best International Fashion Blog". I know it's really hard to win (let alone get nominated), but I might as well give it a try :)
please vote!! ahhh

here is the link to nominate me!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Something Like Isabel

 photo dtop.jpg
 photo lia7.jpg  photo lia5.jpg
 photo lia2.jpg
 photo lia1.jpg

Today I decided to wear my new sandals (inspired by the Isabel Marant Carol sandals). The low heel is perfect for a daytime outfit, and I love the minimal straps. Also overall season is upon us, yay! Hope you like it. xx Flo

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Year Round Bag

Untitled #12363


I have always had a soft spot for "signature bags", the ones that are compliment any outfit no matter what season. The PS11 has inspired me so much recently, and I love how these bloggers have styled it. Hopefully I can get my hands on one soon, and until then..

here are some of my favorite looks I've created with it!

I hope you like them, and tell me what your favorite staple bag is! xx Flo

Untitled #10044

Untitled #12259

Untitled #10318

Untitled #11797

Untitled #11530
Untitled #10592
Untitled #10458
Untitled #12303
Untitled #12319
Untitled #12296

Monday, May 19, 2014

Global Fashion: Auckland with Marina

Untitled #12302
My blogger pal Marina is from all the way across the world in New Zealand, so I wanted to find out what similarities and differences there are between our hometowns styles! Clearly even the seasons are opposite, but there are much more differences. Here we go!

Welcome to Auckland.
auckland street style + trends

The weather in Auckland is gradually getting colder and the street style reflects that! Some growing trends I've seen include large satchels, animal ear beanies and other cool new styles, but here are my top 5!

1. Oxford style shoes are making a comeback this winter with loads of people wearing them! However this season there a lot more variations of the shoe: I've seen people wearing brogue boots and monk style brogues! They are an elegant way to dress up a pair of jeans and can be worn with anything - even a pair of socks if you're cold!

2. Statement accessories is a trend that is seen every season, but in Winter, it's a lot more prominent. When everyone is all rugged up in thick jumpers and coats, it's hard to stand out. Chunky rings and studded necklaces are a super trendy way to show your style off, and wearing a pair of cool sunnies is also a cool way to do that!

3. Cable knit - a Winter essential. It gives a piece of knitwear just that extra flair that it would otherwise lack, and it's certainly flaring up in Auckland this season. Instead of your classic cable knit jumper, why not try a pair of cable gloves or a scarf? Either way, it's a super cute trend that will keep you all nice and warm in the cold season.

4. Cut out shoes have been seen in the fashion world for a while now, and Auckland started catching up about three months ago, but more recently, they have been seen everywhere! From the stylish Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boot, to the sadly sold out Topshop Katz, cut outs are a way to edge up your outfit easily!

5. Here in Auckland, it gets cold, but not too cold, and often, indoors means heating, so a lightweight parka is a way to keep warm outside, but not get too hot inside. From the ever present military green to the newly fashionable navy parkas, there is a colour and style for everyone! My personal favourites are from Huffer and Topshop, but you can find them in thrift stores as well.
(images used from  and

Shop these trends:

Welcome to Boston.

Here in Boston the weather is getting warmer everyday, so these are the trend I've seen in my favorite spring outfits!

1. Mini bags: These bags are everywhere, and are great to throw a few makeup essentials in before you leave the house. No one wants to be carrying around a giant cumbersome duffle bag when they're trying to enjoy a nice day!

2. Low top white sneakers: These look so fresh with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and a plain tank top. I love the Superga cotu most at the moment.

3. Plaid shirt: Of course it's impractical to wear a heavy shirt in May, but when tied around your waist it works. You can make a plain jeans + tee outfit into something much more unique.

4. Rounded sunnies: I've been seeing these everywhere! I think wearing some cool rounded shades can give you a break from the year-round aviator trend.

5. Textured caps: This is a trend I love seeing, especially in the springtime! Wearing a cap has a cool sporty vibe to it, and can make a formal outfit (blazer, trousers etc) much more fashionable.

Shop these trends:
Hope you liked this new kind of post! xx Flo

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The 90's Love Me

 photo plaid2.jpg

 photo plaid5.jpg

 photo plaid.jpg

 photo plaid3.jpg

I decided to post one of my casual weekend outfits! I love how easy my ASOS pinafore is to style for any season, and the 90's plaid is always a must. I had to wear my CDG converse (also wore the laces in a different way), happy weekend guys! xx

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

8 Ways to Style Chanel Espadrilles

Untitled #12247

Happy Friday everyone!

If you follow my polyvore (link here if you don't), you've probably seen that the Chanel espadrilles have made their way into many of my daily inspiration sets. They're so unique and I love how they look with leather and denim.

These designer slip-ons have made their way into the closets of some of my favorite bloggers (pictures used from Sincerely Jules, Bittersweet Colours and We Wore What), which has made my obsession pretty extreme.
For those who love the trend but don't feel like splurging, here is a collection of some of my favorite afforable espadrilles!
Here are my top 8 ways to style them, let me know which one you like the most! xx Flo

Untitled #12248
1. Casual outfit with black Chanel espadrilles
Untitled #9391
2. Casual outfit with black and white Chanel espadrilles
Untitled #9593
3. Casual outfit with black Chanel espadrilles
Untitled #9742
4. Casual outfit with black Chanel espadrilles
Untitled #9339
5. Formal outfit with nude and black Chanel espadrilles
Untitled #11049
6. Casual outfit with nude and black Chanel espadrilles
Untitled #9366
7. Casual outfit with nude and black Chanel espadrilles
Untitled #12249
8. Casual outfit with black and white Chanel espadrilles

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On Mini Bags

Untitled #12208

Hello Everyone!
This post feels almost necessary after seeing these little bags taking over the high fashion world and some of my favorite blogs.

I love how signature these bags have become, and their tiny structured design. Kendall Jenner has been making a name for herself in the modeling industry, and her Céline Nano bag has come all around the world with her.  Rihanna has also been spotted with her tiny Nano bag and she rocks it like no other.

One of the coolest things about these satchels is that they are typically micro versions of a popular bag. The 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli bag has been huge recently, and it's awesome to see a more compact version in the same style.

I've searched everywhere to create a list of the best mini bags, so here we go!

With the warm weather finally here, I think it's a better time than ever to invest in a mini bag! I love how they look against worn denim and crochet shorts. They can also be dressed up for a night out because they're so tiny! Here are some ways I'll be wearing mini bags this season, let me know what you think of the trend :) xx Flo

Untitled #12207
Casual outfit with the Chloé Mini Marcie

Untitled #12199
Casual outfit with the Sophie Hulme Mini Envelope Bag

Untitled #12070
Formal outfit with the Michael Kors Selma

Untitled #11351
Casual outfit with the Milly Mini Bryant

Untitled #12116
Formal outfit with the Topshop Clean Leather Pouch

Untitled #12019
Casual outfit with the 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli