Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Picks: Mango Overalls

I'm back with another spring pick! This week I choose a pair of overalls from one of my favorite stores, Mango. I started my overall obsession last summer, and it is still going strong. Short-alls are perfect for the extremely hot weather because you can just wear a tank top underneath and go! 

This pair stuck out to me because it's a mix of classic dungarees and a modern jumpsuit. Unlike most shortalls, this Mango pair doesn't have any bulky buttons or thick denim fabric... plus there are fun outside pockets on each side! This piece is definitely a unique take on a huge S/S trend.
Untitled #11026

Here are some ways I'll be styling these overalls, hope you like them! xx Flo

Untitled #11031
Untitled #11025
Untitled #10434
Untitled #10722

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Picks: Topshop Shorts

In an effort to find some unique spring pieces, I came across these babies in my search! Topshop has always been one of my favorite stores to find awesome prints, and these shorts are no exception. Why wear some boring denim cutoffs when you can be just as comfy in some high waisted / semi shiny shorts!?Untitled #10920 

Here are some ways that I would style these shorts, hope you like them.
(might even have an outfit post with them later!) xx Flo 

Untitled #10039
Untitled #10816
Untitled #10369
Untitled #10159
Untitled #10323

Monday, March 17, 2014

Flo Loves Clothes x The Dreslyn

This month I was lucky enough to work on a styling collaboration with a fantastic online store called The Dreslyn! From designers like Helmut Lang to Opening Ceremony, The Dreslyn has an understated chic look which I am completely on board with. Here are some of my favorite looks I've created with their pieces:

I hope you like the collection I put together, and check out their new spring 
arrivals (they don't disappoint!) xx Flo

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Later, Monochrome.

If anyone was a fan of monochrome this past year, it was me. Other than the fact that I loved how it looked, it was also so easy to style. No clashing colors to worry about (or any colors at all really), plus black is the most flattering shade out there. Sadly the appeal of it isn't there anymore, so I might have to get a little more creative in the morning. Lately I've been drawn to lots of bright colors and fun prints, from silver floral shorts to baby pink playsuits. Here are some ways I've been inspired to get out of my monochrome-slump! Hope you like it xx Flo

Untitled #10709
Untitled #10702
Untitled #10716
Untitled #10540
Untitled #10730
Untitled #10618

Monday, March 10, 2014


Happy spring break to my fellow students! Today had the most amazing weather, I am really hoping it stays like this for at least a week. I have been so eager to wear my boohoo dungarees, and I love how they look with my striped jumper from H&M. Hope you like the outfit! More to come soon xx Flo

 photo ofit.jpg
 photo stripe2jpg.jpg
 photo stripe3jpg.jpg
 photo stripe4jpg.jpg

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

On Details

Picking out an outfit can be daunting sometimes, especially if it's for a special event. I usually end up planning 10 outfits and wearing something completely different in the end. Recently I have been paying a lot of attention to the small details on pieces, and have been centering my outfits around those instead of big trends. I love how every single aspect of an outfit looks when each piece is next to each other, kind of like a little puzzle or painting. By including each little part of the look makes it more unique and really brings it to life.

Here are some looks I've come up with recently that are very focused on small
details, hope you like them! xx Flo
Untitled #10569

Untitled #10568

Untitled #10509

Untitled #10510

Monday, March 3, 2014

Casual in Salsit

Hey guys, long time no outfit post?!
I've been lacking in inspiration lately, but thankfully I recently received some awesome pieces from If you follow my polyvore you probably have noticed my recent obsession with their clothes (if you haven't check out my sets here), so I was so excited to wear my new Sydney sweater and Sonni skirt today! If you're looking for some awesome spring pieces, I highly recommend checking them out.

For my outfit I wanted to keep things casual and true to my style, so I wore my new pieces with my favorite leopard loafers from Madewell and a classic denim jacket by Levi's. I am dying for the warm weather and I can feel it coming! Hopefully with the polar vortex gone I'll be able to post more OOTDs as well. Hope you enjoy the post! xx Flo
 photo sals4.jpg
 photo sals8.jpg
 photo sals9.jpg
 photo sals0.jpg
 photo sals5.jpg
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