Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thank you for 2014.

2014 was definitely the craziest year I've had so far. Almost everything I had been used to up to 2013 had changed and I felt super vulnerable and unsure about how to go about building things up again. I started college and although it took a while, I now can confidently say I have a group of amazing friends who I can count on for anything (and vice versa!). Along with college I also went to fashion week back in February, an experience I will never ever forget. The friendships I've made through blogging and polyvore are so special to me, and I feel so inspired by everything they create.  This year I saw the world catch up to the idea that girls are powerful. I love how much push 2014 has made for girl power and sticking up for your fellow girls. I know that new years isn't a complete beginning, and the whole "new year, new me" thing is usually laughed at, but there is something about a new year that is symbolic to me. The last week of the year I like to reflect on things I've done, people I've met and mistakes I've made, and I am happy to say I'm proud of it. Thank you to the people who follow my style and give me an audience to share my ideas with. I love you lots and I never take it for granted. I hope that I'll continue to grow and make you guys proud in 2015 :) Cheeers xx Flo

Monday, December 29, 2014

Weekly Pick // Acne Jensen Boots

Untitled #16294

I've been on break for a couple weeks now, and have been brainstorming lots of new ideas for my blog! I really want to have more of a scheduled / formulaic way of posting, so here is a new idea I have called Weekly Picks. It's exactly what it sounds like, every week I'll choose a item that I've been wearing a lot/ using in my sets that I think you guys should check out (don't worry, they won't all be this expensive!). This week I picked the Acne Jensen boots, a pair of boots I love/ I recently saw Eleanor wearing. They a great A/W piece and come in a few different textures. Here are some ways I'd style them:

Untitled #16290
Untitled #16254
Untitled #16252
Untitled #16262

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Style Crush Sunday: Gigi Hadid

This is the last style crush sunday of 2014! Last but not least... I chose Gigi Hadid. Like most of my S.C.S's, I picked Gigi for her amazing street style. She grew up in California but lives in NYC now so those two worlds colliding definitely shows in her outfits, and I looove it. She always wears some sort of denim, and has mastered the art of wearing running sneakers in a cool way. I can't wait to follow her style in 2015, I'm sure it won't disappoint! 


Here are some outfits I've loved of hers, and some of the essentials she goes back to over and over! Hope you enjoy xx Flo

links here.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Hair Edit // How-to + Favorite Products

Hey guys- today I realized that I have never done a proper hair post, so here it goes! I get lots of questions about if it is natural / what I use so here are all the answers! Before I start I think it is important to mention that although this works for me, it all depends on the texture of your hair! I have tried to have the same routine as some of my friends with thin/ naturally straight hair and it didn't work at all, so keep that in mind :)

1. I like to use heat protectant whenever do my hair, this one from Moroccan Oil is my favorite.
2. I put half of my hair up so I can focus on each section.
3. I curl medium-large size sections of hair (don't hold it too long!) with my con-air curling wand.
4. I then curl the top sections in small pieces.
5. I still have a little bit of bangs left so I curl those away from my face.
6. It usually looks a little bit too put together so I like to run my fingers through it a couple times to give it a more everyday look
7. Hairspray! I like to use hairspray when I'm out all day, and I love this one from John Freida.

For second day hair I looooove Batiste dry shampoo (seriously I can't live without it), and sometimes I'll put Moroccan Oil on the ends of my hair if it gets dry.

Hope you guys can take some things from this, and let me know your own hair secrets! xxx Flo

Friday, December 26, 2014

Seaside wishes

Right around this time of the year is when I start daydreaming about being on a beach somewhere. Even though Boston is pretty warm (at least compared to previous years) I wouldn't mind being on a beach in Chile! Of course my style always reflects what mood I'm in so even though I can't wear any of these outfits, here are some things I wish I was wearing this week! xx Flo

p.s I hope you guys had a lovely christmas!
Untitled #16223
Untitled #16224
Untitled #16215
Untitled #16245
Untitled #16241
Untitled #16222
Untitled #16219
Untitled #16248

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Style Crush Sunday: Behati Prinsloo

Welcome back to style crush sunday! I decided not to post one unless I really liked the person it was about, so I haven't been doing them weekly. This post is dedicated to Behati Prinsloo! She's a model who has undoubtedly some of the best street style outfits I've ever seen. Her style is so unique and the ultimate cool girl NYC vibe. Above are some of my favorite photos of her looks, plus here are some pieces I think mesh well with her style (she wears docs all the time, it's amazing!) xxx Flo

links here.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Greyscale + fur // outfit 12.19.14

 photo 3a50a885-245b-4ca3-a1a2-e95f15972746.jpg  photo c3cbddec-a8ae-4372-af66-8ed065e131a8.jpg  photo aba074b9-48f0-43b6-8b38-69dfb343b63e.jpg

Today I decided I wanted to shoot a full outfit post for the first time in a while! They are my favorite to post and my favorite to look at on other blogs, but hard to do. Thankfully I have a lot of extra time these days because of break :) This outfit is one I love, I just got this fur (faux of course) vest and I wanted to see how it looked under a few of my coats. I think it looks best under this grey one because it matches the black zip up.. not to mention it adds 200% more warmth! I'm also wearing a little bit of a different pair of jeans- they're still black but they're moto-inspired waxed denim from Madewell! I love them so much and they cut off at a really cool length.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Faux Real // Styling and thoughts on wearing fur

Up until last winter, fur coats struck me as a unfamiliar / Cruella De Vil kind of thing. I've always loved animals so seeing someone wear a floor length mink coat upset me more than impressed me. However during NYFW I saw fur being worn in really edgy and cool ways, and I think as long as it's reintroduced to people in a faux-form I'm all for it! Faux fur this season is being used in really cool ways, taking the place of leather in jackets and boots. Here are some ways I've styled it, let me know if you like the trend, or are just against any kind of 'fur'! xx Flo
Untitled #15963
Untitled #15920
Untitled #15800

Untitled #15980

Untitled #15975

Untitled #15884

Untitled #15862

my favorite faux fur picks:

Monday, December 8, 2014

Welcome to Winter // Heattech by Uniqlo #FeelTheWarmth

Even though it isn't winter according to the calendar, my numb fingers and bright red ears say otherwise! Uniqlo's heattech line was created to be extra warm, and the pieces look like classic basics! I wouldn't mind wearing these all winter. 

Lucky for you- if you want some of these goodies, just use the hashtag #feelthewarmth on a photo showing your winter activities (and tag @uniqlousa) on instagram and you could win 1/500 pieces! 

Good luck, and stay warm! xx Flo

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Wishes

Now that thanksgiving has passed, most of us are getting into christmas mode. Like a lot of  people, Christmas time is my absolute favorite time of the year. The presents are cool, but what I like most is how happy and loving everyone is! There is nothing quite like running around in the freezing cold all day and then coming home to a warm house full of lights. I thought I'd bring in the fashion aspect of it by showing you guys what's on my wish list this year! I doubt I'll get any more shoes (my pile of black boots are almost as tall as me now) but why not try, haha. Let me know what you're asking for, and if you like what's on my list! xx Flo

Untitled #15854

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Insta-outfit // 11.26.14

Hi guys! I am finally off for thanksgiving break and then Christmas break is just around the corner... I can't even explain how good it feels to finally relax! I wish I could post more while at school, but exciting things are coming next month I promise :) for now here is an outfit I wore today when I visited my dad at work! This topshop coat is like a cozy version of a blazer and I can't get over it. I'm trying to find some sort of vest I can put under it so it can transition into the intense winter, so let me know if you have any ideas! xxx Flo

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Best of November

Untitled #15740

The month is nearing a close, so here is an overview of what I've been wearing / into this November:
  1.  Most Worn: Leather Jackets. This month has been the perfect weather for a leather jacket, hopefully I can get away with mine for a few more weeks before the parka has to come out.
  2. Most Coveted: Roshe Runs. I choose the worst time of year to want these (frost bitten ankles #NO), but they're just so cooooool.
  3. Most Inspiring Brand: Saint Laurent: They're exactly what fall and winter are about for me, lots of black and leather.
  4. Most Worn Makeup: I hardly wear that much makeup as it is (mostly because it takes me forever to get right), but this month I've gone almost bare except for some lip scrub and NARS eyebrow gel.
  5. Most Listened To: I spend a lot of my time walking or on the train so finding new music to entertain me is always on my mind. This month I discovered a group called Majid Jordan and can't stop playing them! Best song (in my opinion): Her. Link to their SoundCloud here.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Style Crush Sunday: Kendall Jenner


In honor of Kendall Jenner becoming the new face of Estee Lauder, she is this weeks SCS (style crush sunday)! It is so inspiring to see someone my age achieving amazing things in fashion, and her off duty style is killer. She has been street style photographed while out and about in NYC, and her outfits are always a great mix of masculine and feminine while keeping it minimal.

I've put together a little Kendall round-up here, though it's almost impossible to include everything she's worn; she's photographed almost everyday! Hope you enjoy! xx Flo

Untitled #15732

Black + White Sundays

Quick outfit before the weekend is over! Today I brought back a few of my favorite pieces: the peter pan collared shirt and my katz shoes. As much as I love casual ripped up denim, there is always a place in my heart for timeless dress-up clothes! xx Flo

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