Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013.

What a year it's been! 2013 has been one of the most special years for me as a person, and my style has changed so much. At this time last year my life was very different. I was still in high school, applying to collages for the fall. My world was pretty small.. I had my school friends and my family. As the months went by I got more and more invested in my style blog, and my polyvore. With that came a lot of new friends, and I ended up being able to meet so many amazing people.
a year in my style
My style in 2013... sadly I didn't document as much as I should have! Here 
are some of my favorite outfits though.

Untitled #9175

and of course since it's Flo Loves Clothes, here is my year in clothes. I wore a lot more color than I thought! I will definitely keep all these pieces for 2014, and style them differently as my style continues to evolve.

Overall 2013 was so good to me... and if you are reading this: thank you! The interest from my blog readers / polyvore followers makes me feel so special :) I can't wait to continue posting in 2014! Cheers to New Years xx Flo

Monday, December 30, 2013

NYE Style!

New Years Eve is definitely one of the most glamorous holidays of the year! Sequins, sparkle, leather and navy are some of my favorite signature NYE statements. Here are some ways I'd style those pieces depending on your plans for the night :) (go here for the outfit I'll be wearing) xx Flo

Untitled #9168

Untitled #8566If you're off to an NYE party with some coworkers, I'd recommend pairing up a formal blazer with a holiday-appropriate top!

Untitled #8623
Even if you're going to watch the ball drop in Times Square in the freezing cold, you can still dress for the occasion! A furry vest and some ankle boots with silver jewelry will do the trick (and the cozy scarf will keep you warm!). 

Untitled #8700
 If you're off to an (indoor) party with friends, opt for a fun bell-sleeve playsuit!

Untitled #8617
If you and your friends are more into a casual night in, I'd go for some chunky 
knits and embellished booties!

Untitled #8756If you're spending your NYE with family, I'd choose the go-to shirt + skater skirt combo!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Home for the holidays

Merry Christmas! I have been spending the day with my family and friends. Here
are some photos from the day, I hope you all had a great time :) xx Flo

 photo christmas4.jpg

 photo christmas3.jpg

 photo christmas1.jpg

 photo christmas5.jpg

 photo christmas2.jpg

Sunday, December 22, 2013

My 2013 Style Star: Miranda Kerr

If you know me, you know I love Miranda Kerr. Her style is so original and she is such a smart business woman! Along with becoming an accomplished writer, 3rd highest paid model in the world, releasing her own line of certified organic skincare, AND having a baby, Miranda's outfits are perfect.. so in honor of 2013 coming to a close, here are some of my favorite outfits of Miranda's, and why I love them. xx Flo

Miranda Kerr at PFW!
Here is one of her outfits from Paris Fashion Week.. I think she looked amazing, keeping
her signature style Balmain bag. She was also months ahead of the knee-high boots trend!

Miranda Kerr in Topshop
This outfit is definitely my favorite of 2013! Miranda proves that it doesn't matter if you 
wear a $2,000 dress by Zuhair Murad or a $90 dress from topshop, it's the way you wear it.

Miranda Kerr in NYC
All black everything.. Miranda's street style is always a step ahead of the trends, and
not to mention her son Flynn is always dressed to impress too!

Miranda Kerr in Rag & Bone
Who looks this good at the airport, seriously?! Miranda's signature shoes have been these
Isabel Marant embellished boots that go so well with all her casual looks.

Miranda Kerr in NYC
I think the best part of Miranda's outfits is that they aren't too overdone. She kept her whole
outfit simple, and that way her printed loafers could shine!

Miranda Kerr in Isabel Marant Miranda does denim-on-denim done right! One her go-to designers is Isabel Marant, and I think her vibe is exactly Miranda's style and personality.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Animal Influence

Over the last few months I've been noticing a special trend in accessories: Animal Influence. When I was a little kid I always loved stuffed animals (and real animals), so I am completely on board. Bowler hats and beanies with surprise ears, or mittens with little faces.. it's definitely a unique way to keep things youthful and fun! Here are some of my favorite pieces, and how I'd wear them :) x Flo

Untitled #8920

Untitled #7848

Untitled #8918

Untitled #8900
Untitled #8660

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Outfit Ideas!

Along with the most wonderful time, comes the best clothes! I love how the holiday season has so many signature patterns and prints. I've come up with some of my favorite special occasion outfits / casual outfits for Christmas-time, and I hope you can take some ideas away from it :) xx Flo
Untitled #8831
Tartan, fur, the color oxblood, shearling collars and christmas jumpers are my favorite things!

Untitled #8161

Untitled #8772

Untitled #7441

Untitled #6526

Untitled #8682

Untitled #8413

Untitled #8419

Untitled #8173

Monday, December 16, 2013

Let's talk: Inspiration vs. Imitation

for a blog post :)

As a teenage girl who is very active in fashion-related social media (tumblr, instagram, polyvore etc), there is a lot of attention put on to what I do / my style. I'm not about to go all Kanye and complain about being famous, because I'm not at all. I am really thankful for the group of people who take the time to read my blog, and the relationship I have with fellow bloggers. With that being said, every  now and then I get messages saying "you need to get your own style" because I have so many people I look up to. 

I know that many bloggers pride themselves on not having an "idol", because they feel it makes them a true original (or something along those lines). I understand that... but I also understand that looking up to others doesn't make you a carbon copy. I know I'm running the risk of sounding like a broken record, but this is a subject that seems to be overlooked recently. 
I'm not out to set any rules for where inspiration ends and imitation begins. I know how it feels to be criticized for taking inspiration from others, so I'm not going to do the same to someone else. Fashion is a (very personal) creative outlet, so being able to identify with another person's style isn't a bad thing. Just some food for thought (did I use that saying in the right way? hopefully). xx Flo

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rocco Obsession

Slowly but surely, the Alexander Wang Rocco bag is becoming my favorite thing ever. Usually I go for more structured, small bags but there is something about it that has me hooked! I love how they come in different kinds of leather, different sizes and different colors. 

I <3 Rocco

Here are some of the ones I've had my eye on recently! The studded bottom is has become almost iconic, and I love how it is a an unsuspected edge. Of course when I obsess over a bag, I have to make millions of sets (okay maybe not millions) with it, so here are some of my favorites! xx Flo

Untitled #8561

Untitled #8451

Untitled #8441

Untitled #8434

Untitled #8428

Untitled #8620

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


During winter, I usually catch the all-black bug. It's pretty easy considering most of my coats are black, most of my jeans are black and I exclusively wear black boots at the moment. It's just so easy! I recently got this scarf from ASOS which is a nice colorful addition to my winter outfits. Of course the rest is black though.. send help.

 photo tumblr_mxn6doEvUB1rdeyr1o2_1280-1.jpg

 photo tumblr_mxn6doEvUB1rdeyr1o4_1280-1.jpg

 photo tumblr_mxn6doEvUB1rdeyr1o5_1280-1.jpg

 photo tumblr_mxm026yZeY1rdeyr1o1_500.jpg

Jacket - Thrifted
Jumper - Topshop
Pants - Express
Boots - BANK
Bag - Givenchy
Scarf and Beanie - ASOS

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Little Things

The best time of the year is finally here! I love walking around in a warm coat, looking around at all the lights and happy people. Around this week / next week, things start to slow down and everyone comes home which is going to be amazing. To go along with the manic shopping that is happening, I thought I'd make a little guide on the best stocking stuffers to get for your family / little gifts for friends.. hope this helps! xx Flo

Untitled #8532

1. Cozy Knit Accessories: Beanies, scarves, snoods, mittens, gloves, earmuffs.. all of it! 
2. Mug: Mugs can be the perfect gift, because they suit individual people perfectly.
3. Rollerball: Great gift to give for a person who travels constantly!
4. Polishes: Check topshop's nail polishes right now! I love theirs the most, plus they have very seasonal colors (like matte)!
5. Socks: Probably the go-to christmas gift... still good though.
6. Wallet: Maybe not Mulberry haha.. but it can be a lovely surprise!
7. Rings: Initial rings / midi rings make outfits really unique, plus they're personal.
8. Books: Giving someone a book shows that you really thought about them, and their interests!
9. Phone case: Phone cases are so fun to change in and out, so a christmas / winter themed one would be a great gift!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

College Thoughts

In about a month I am going to be off to college! It is both nerve racking and exciting. Making new friends is always quite daunting at first, but hopefully I get over that hurdle quickly. Of course I love to plan / over-think everything... so here are some ideas I've come up with for getting my college wardrobe / dorm together! If you're already in college / graduated, please let me know if there are any important things I should know before I go :) xx Flo

Untitled #8365
I have a constant fear that I'm going to be "that" girl who brings too many clothes and who's roommate hates her.. so I decided to put together my most essential things so I don't over-pack. I choose items that I have, and that can be mixed-and-matched in a bunch of different ways without being too repetitive. Here are some of my favorites!

Untitled #8362

The Cream Jumper
I've made a few different versions of my "basics list" but a cream jumper is on every one. They go so well with jeans and a coat, and can be dressed up by wearing a printed button-up underneath.

Untitled #5035

The Crewneck
Lately I've been loving the crewnecks by Zoe Karssen, they're much more feminine than a regular hoodie and still as comfortable for an early class!

Untitled #7723

The Circle Skirt
Circle skirts with tights are one of my favorite combinations, especially for winter days. The high waist goes perfectly with a cropped jumper and scarf combo too!

Untitled #8258

The Denim Jacket
Denim jackets will definitely come in handy later in the year, but for now I'll probably be wearing my puffy coat everyday. Topshop, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and Tobi have the best selection of denim jackets imo.

Untitled #8155
Dorm Room Inspiration
I made this to represent how I want to put my dorm room together. For home things, I love neutral / light colors. I think it makes the whole room feel really calm and they look beautiful.