Friday, November 29, 2013


Yesterday I was reading on of my new favorite blogs, Looksharpsconnie. Her most recent post was all about how people shouldn't feel so inhibited by public perception, and wear what they loved. She also set out a challenge, so here's my response! I love this beanie, but it's pretty loud for my style.. despite that I'm wearing it! Thanks for the push, Gabby! xx Flo

Jumper - H&M
Skirt - Express
Beanie - ASOS
Boots - Steve Madden

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter jams

I put together a little list of my favorite songs at the moment! Here is a mix from my 8 tracks if you want to have a listen to any of them. xx Flo

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The "Miranda" Hat: Styling the Rag and Bone Floppy Hat!

For years one of my main style inspirations has been VS Model / Author, Miranda Kerr (one third of my holy style trinity, the other two being Eleanor Calder and Danielle Bernstein). Miranda knows exactly what looks good on her, and always looks classic and sophisticated while still keeping up with her favorite trends. One of her most worn pieces is her Rag and Bone fedora, which she has styled so many amazing ways! This hat has become a signature piece for her everyday style; whether she is running from paparazzi at the airport, or spending time with her son in central park.

Untitled #8172

Of course, inspiration is only inspiration; I think the best part of having someone to look up to is taking a piece of their style and making it your own! With that being said, here are some ways that I would style this flawless piece. xx Flo

Untitled #7168

All Black Everything
When I'm looking for wardrobe staples, I always gravitate towards the color (or lack of color?) black. There is something so effortlessly cool and raw about it. I love all black outfits because they keep the focus on detail. When you look past the color, the buckles on the boots and the structured shape of the bag catch your attention.

Untitled #8141

Bright and Fun
I know this isn't very "bright" to most people, but my style consists of mostly neutral colors.. so this pink bag is an exception! I think the hardware on it looks perfect with the details on the boots, plus the gold button on the hat! Like Miranda, I'd probably wear this outfit somewhere casual.

Untitled #7863
Texture + Leather
I can't resist cool textures like the one on this jacket and these pants! I think texture is what sets a good outfit and great outfit apart. You could wear a plain winter coat and jeans, but add the shearing body and leather pants and your outfit is 10 times more interesting!

Untitled #7171
Layered-up Denim
Denim shirts are perfect for layering with jumpers, jackets and tees! I think a dark wash button up paired with a jumper and jeans is perfect for a cold day. Together with some ankle boots and Miranda's signature hat, this casual outfit still looks put together!

Untitled #8154
I just have to include this outfit.. mainly because I am head over heels in love with this Zara coat! I am a complete coat freak (I'd choose a good coat over any shoes or bag). Along with some Chelsea boots, this hat + coat combo is my current obsession!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Autumn school daze

From getting up at 6:30 to SATs, I never really had the time or energy to dress how I wanted to in high school. I always promised myself that one of these days I'm going to start wearing clothes like the ones I posted on my blog, but then I would wake up in a freezing house and just throw on a giant jumper and jeans. Oops.

It might be because I haven't been in school for a while, but part of me has always liked making school-themed outfit sets. This is probably because when I picture school in my head, I'm on the set of Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars... not a place where real classes happen. Either way, here are some outfits that I might attempt in my upcoming college days! Then again, I might just save them on my phone to look at while I wear my cozy uniform (huge coat, jumper, jeggings and boots). It's the thought that counts... Right? xx Flo

Untitled #7970

How flawless is this coat by Menchi for Intermix?! I'm so in love with the way it drapes over shoulders and front. This outfit is pretty realistic for my school-style, nothing is too crazy for a weekday (imo). Also studded loafers by Zara are a must (so much better than heels).

Untitled #8129

Here is one of my all time favorite pairings! I think ankle boots are the perfect way to sneak in some extra height without looking like you tried too hard (peep toe stilettos at school are a no go). Throw on a trusty knit beanie and your favorite jacket and you're ready for class!

Untitled #8122

If only I could knock one of the zeros off the price of this Isabel Marant jacket... hopefully she keeps the collab with H&M going! Haha.. either way, I love the mix of light denim and navy for a casual day. It's easy to throw out sneakers when you're trying to look presentable, but if styled right they can work in your favor! Also, who said mittens were reserved for kids?! I never liked texting anyway.

Untitled #8048

I've become utterly obsessed with the Céline-esque slip-ons... I hope I can get my hands on a pair before I'm off to school! Pairing them up with a textured coat and a white tee would look awesome, and school appropriate (plus you're still comfy).
Untitled #7993

Coats on coats on coats. I think I've come to a conclusion that as long as you have a nice structured coat, the rest of your outfit can pretty much be anything (onesies anyone?). Every A/W Zara has amazing blazer style coats (like this one), which sharpen up any winter outfit. Keep things collegiate.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hello newcomers!

Hey everyone! Thanks to my nifty blogger overview, I have been noticing that my page has a lot more visitors than usual lately... so obviously it would be rude of me to not welcome you, right? I came to the conclusion that one of the hallmarks of any good friendship is knowing random/ weird things about the other person, so in this post I'm going to tell you 5 random things about me. Hopefully then, you guys can tell me something random about you, and we can then go from there and be like old friends! xx Flo


1. Some people call me Flo Rida - This nickname is clearly an homage to the rapper (or the state).. but it usually goes away after a few days, because my personality doesn't really mesh someone called Flo Rida.

2. I wish I could speak German - My dad took German in college (sadly he forgot most of it) but we've adapted a couple of the words into our everyday conversations for some reason. Hopefully I can take it in school and blow him out of the water next year!

3. I recently discovered Pandora radio - I know, I know... I'm approximately 130459343495 years late.

4. I am embarrassingly awful at sports - From the ages of 6-12 I played soccer and I never scored even one goal. There was a time when I was really close, but then I fell.

5. When I was a toddler I had an Afro - The legitimacy of my fro has been debated, but if you saw the pictures you'd agree with me.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Flolovesclothes on ExpLife!

While in NYC for Teen Vogue Fashion University, I won a contest with TV and Express! Part of it was the opportunity to be a featured blogger on the express blog, ExpLife. My post came out today and it would mean so much to me if you guys read it! Thanks to Teen Vogue and Express :) xx Flo

go here to view the whole thing.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Let's take a walk.

Today my dad and I went on a walk around his campus, just talking about everything. It's so great to have parents who are also your best friends! It's getting a little chilly here in Boston, so I've been wearing my ASOS beanies almost everyday.. along with layered up denim jackets and sweaters. 

I know everyone says this, but it's so true: going outside and just looking around can sometimes be exactly what you need. The students had set up a rope swing and little string lights which made for a lovely little courtyard.

Jumper - H&M
Jacket - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Mulberry
Brogues - ASOS
Beanie - ASOS
Scarf - H&M

Friday, November 15, 2013

Most recent make-up!

I've gotten a few requests to make a "tutorial" on how I do my make-up lately, plus I've been using some new products so I thought I'd do a post on it! Hope it is helpful xx Flo

1. Benefit That Gal primer + Hello Flawless foundation
The combination of these two makes your foundation look really smooth and stays on all day!

2. Maybelline Concealer
Put under your eyes and on little impefections.. another great concealer is the benefit erase paste.

3. Eye shadows by Bare Minerals
I love these eyeshadows so much! My favorite combination is toasted espresso (all over your lid) and ginger sugar (in the inner corners of your eye).

4. Rimmel Mascara
I am always changing my mascaras, but right now I really like my mascara by Rimmel London!

5. Benefit Powder
The powder + foundation set from Benefit is great! I don't wear both of them unless I'm going somewhere special though.. the foundation is usually enough.

6. Burt's Bees + Bare Minerals lip gloss
Tinted lip balms are my favorite things to use for everyday-wear, and adding lip gloss is something I've been doing lately!

7. NARS Laguna
This bronzer is my favorite product at the moment! If you have a similar complexion to mine, I highly recommend trying it out.

8. Topshop Cream Blush
This blush is great for applying because you can be very precise with it! For me, I have pretty rosy cheeks naturally so blush can look like "too much" pretty fast.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Denim + Dots

I had forgetten about this denim tee dress until I came across it while cleaning out my closet this morning! I love it so much, and it's perfect for with some printed tights.. and of course I had to wear some black boots! 

Dress - Topshop
Tights - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Forever 21
Hat - Topshop
Boots - Topshop

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Keepin' it real

As much as I'd like to be 100% put together all the time, some days I have to go back to basics and just wear some jeans and a tee. I always want to make sure my blog is an accurate representation of my style, so here is my go-to lazy outfit featuring my favorite (and most comfy) shirt from polyvore!

tee - polyvore
shirt - urban outfitters
jeans - topshop
shoes - converse

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

California Polyvore Meetup

If you follow me on instagram, you probably know that I just got back from a fun-filled trip to the Polyvore headquarters in Mountain View, California! It seems like I've been on the site forever, but I only started up my Florencia95 account about a year ago. When I first discovered Polyvore, my sets were pretty cringe worthy (please don't look them up haha) but now with almost 8,000 sets under my belt, I'd like to think they're getting better! 

Creating these sets is definitely more than just online shopping for me; it really helps me express my personal style.. not to mention I'm lucky enough to have thousands of people looking at them! It was so exciting to be able to talk with people who shared my love of the website, and see how their creative processes differed from my own. Unlike my "simple sets", most of the users in attendance make sets with intricate details and even some interior design! Here is one of my favorites by a girl named Shawna.. crazy talented no?! I've always wished I had an eye for things like that, but I suppose we all have our own niche.

On Thursday night the other members and I were invited to get our nails done at Lavande, which was great! I usually do my nails by myself, so getting them done was so special. Along with that, I also got to meet all the lovely polyvore staff members who were so welcoming and fun to talk to.

Here's a little collage on it, and the colors I chose!

Untitled #7719
Friday morning, all of us got to eat breakfast together at our hotel. We each went around the table saying how long we'd been on polyvore, and sharing little bits about ourselves. It was such a diverse group, and I felt so honored to be among some some of the most talented users as well Polyvore's CEO Jess! At breakfast all of us got little jewlery boxes with nameplate necklaces that said "Polyvore" in all caps, which I'm completely obsessed with. I can't wait to layer it with other silver chains!

Untitled #7720
After we left the hotel, we made our way to the Polyvore office (aka the coolest office I've ever seen, sorry Dad). Right as we walked in there were sets hanging all over the place, and we got to see all the different departments of the people who work there! There was also has a wall full of "Love Letters" sent in by fans from all over the world, which was a beautiful thing to look at. It's hard to imagine a huge company actually taking the time to read all their mail, so I was very impressed!

Untitled #7721
The tech team then introduced everyone to the new iPad app, and walked us through all of its features. They explained how Polyvore was meant to be used on a tablet, and I agree! It feels so natural to move things around, and looking through your feed is super easy. If you have an account and an iPad I highly recommend you check it out, so you can make sets where ever you go.

After the app info session / Q+A was over, we all got to have make-unders from the Bare Minerals team which was amazing! The girl who did my make-up was named Alba (here is her instagram) and she was really helpful. I have been trying to get better about wearing make-up the proper way, so who better to learn from than a professional! 

Along with the make-unders, I got spoiled with some of BM's holiday collection makeup and a bunch of other goodies from Polyvore (including a blanket that I shamelessly wore around the airport). Overall it was an unforgettable experience for me, and really made me feel like I am valued by the people at polyvore. As an 18 year old I obviously have a lot to learn, so I feel so lucky that everyone was so eager to help me and give me advice on everything from school to my sets. 

Untitled #7663

I will leave you with the some of my favorite sets by my fellow members because sharing is caring! Check out their accounts, you won't be disappointed! xx Flo

Sunday, November 10, 2013

How I'd Style Animal Prints!

As my favorite stores Autumn / Winter collections have been coming out, I've noticed that there are a lot of animal print pieces I love! If you've followed my style for some time you know that I tend to stay away from loud prints and colors, but with some careful styling and thought I put together ways that I'd feel "myself" in these prints. 

Untitled #7638
This first outfit is probably my favorite! The blouse is by Equipment, a company that I first discovered when one of my style icons, Miranda Kerr started rocking their silk button ups. I wanted to make the print the focus of the look, so I kept the rest of the outfit simple and monochromatic.

Untitled #7643
This look is something I'd go to for everyday wear in the fall time. I love the look of slouchy knits and boyfriend jeans paired with a very structured bag and printed loafers.

Untitled #7652
When I discovered this jumper + bag combination, I was hooked. I love how they compliment each other. I think it's the intricacy of the jumper contrasted with the color-blocking of the bag.

Untitled #7653
This ASOS is probably the coolest beanie I've seen to date (and will be mine soon)! This outfit also mixes in the BEST trend of A/W (imo of course), quilted textures... and ankle boots are a must, always.

Untitled #7636
Sadly due to living in the arctic tundra (aka New England) I won't be able to wear anything like this for a while, but I love these slip-ons by Zara! I think that as long as you stay true to your own style, no trend is off limits. 

Let me know if there are any other trends you'd like me to post about, or any requests in general! I'm open to suggestions :) I've also accumulated quite a lot of new clothes in the past month, so expect some full outfit posts in the near future. xx Flo

Monday, November 4, 2013

Teen Vogue Fashion University!

Ever since I got the news in August that I was accept to attend TVFU (Teen Vogue fashion University), it was all I looked forward to. Teaming up one of my favorite cities with the most iconic young women's fashion magazines is just an opportunity of a lifetime. The constant evolution of the style community coincides so well with the fast paced atmosphere in New York. 

So early on Friday morning I headed off to the city, not completely sure what to expect. Sadly, I didn't bring my SLR camera so I had to rely on instagram snaps to capture the fun moments! Although it lacks in pixels, I think I was still able to document the spirit of the event. Hope you enjoy! xx Flo


The moment I walked out into the city, I started to snap pictures. I'm obsessed with instagram, and being in New York makes it 10 times worse (mostly because I love the way yellow taxis look with a filter). As I waited for the signal to walk, I took the bottom right photo. No matter where you point your camera, there will be so many different things going on. It's fun to look back on it and zoom in on the little parts! When I got to the hotel, I had to rush and get ready for the event teen vogue was holding at Express! I wasn't very familiar with their clothes, but it's always fun to try something new! I met up with one of my good friends Natasha who also was attending TVFU and we found some great pieces. While shopping a lovely follower of mine named Raechel said hello and we even posed for the top left photo!


Saturday was the bulk of the event, and probably one of the coolest experiences I've ever had! My first (and one of my favorites) seminar was with an interior designer named Kelly Wearstler. She began designing rooms and then moved on to hotels, and now she even has her own store in the city... pretty impressive. She also spoke about her time in college, and how she had to work very hard waitressing to make a living, which really put things in perspective for me and admire her work ethic. I then had the privilege of listening to Christian Siriano talk about where he gathers inspiration from, and his teenage years which was amazing! He had such great things to say, and I was pleasantly surprised about how down to earth he is in person.

At the end of the day, all of the TVFU students gathered back in one auditorium to listen to Amy Astley and the creators of / speak. Listening to them from the perspective of a young person obsessed with social media / fashion networking was fascinating. I think it's amazing that huge publications like teen vogue can come together with online media sources, because it opens up the lane of communication between the two worlds.

After the day at TVFU had ended, Teen Vogue teamed up with Topshop (my favorite store, no big) to have an event for all the students! Of course I was stoked, and had been creating my game plan for weeks. When I got there, I immediately saw the Borg lined denim jacket and had to grab it. As I was looking through racks of clothes, my friend spotted the one and only Jourdan Dunn and all three of us took a few photos together. Jourdan was so gorgeous in person, and such a lovely person to talk to (we even bought matching jumpers, so we're pretty much best friends now).

Here are all my Topshop finds from that night.. look out for them in some style post this month!

Untitled #6939


Early sunday morning, all the TVFU graduates got to see each other one last time, and listen to one of the photographers from Vogue speak. I'm not very knowledgable about real photography (editorial magazine style) so it was a lot of information to take in, but definitely gave me a lot better understanding about what it means to have a vision for a project. Afterwards they announced the winners of the express challenge, and I was one of them! Along with a very generous gift card, tickets to see R+J on Broadway AND getting to meet Amy Astley herself.... I also am going to be a guest blogger on their website (look out for it mid november)! It really means a lot to me, so if anyone from Express or Teen Vogue is reading: Thanks again!

All in all, I admire Teen Vogue for being so welcoming and for mentoring young people interested in fashion. It is clear that the staff care so much about the future of fashion, and want to have a dialogue with their readers that goes both ways. To bring together top designers, photographers, models and editors with students who have those aspirations is a pretty special thing.